Finally! Dog-friendly Pilates!

Sound Mind Pilates is a warm and non-threatening studio providing private strength & flexibility classical pilates training for you, with the love and companionship of your beloved dog. At the session start, we get you in motion and keep you in motion appropriate to your fitness goals and level. Classical Pilates is pilates as invented and taught by its inventor, Joe Pilates – it is a workout that strengthens and stretches, to transform your body and mind.

Nichole Edraos is the founder of Sound Mind Pilates and creator of dog-friendly classical Pilates. Nichole was introduced to Pilates by chance in 2012 when she was recovering from a back injury. Around this time, Nichole inherited her beloved dog, Kitty from a neighbor. The combination of Kitty’s steady love and nurturing, coupled with the healing movement of Pilates, brought Nichole back to life. Since then, Nichole has committed herself to working with people, especially dog-lovers, to find power, vitality and freedom.

In her classes, Nichole emphasizes the importance of Pilates on our daily life, movement efficiency, and posture. She is keenly focused on understanding the specific unique needs of each of her clients, deeply understanding what’s important to her client, and what will most effectively meet each person’s goals. A client’s dog is welcome in the exercise room as an observer, “supervising” his or her owner’s form, napping or watching out the window.

Nichole has accomplished her 600-hour milestone training in the Power Pilates classical training program. She is a member of the Pilates Method Alliance.

Nichole is an Operations Manager with a bio-tech startup in Redwood City. A life-long public servant, Nichole presently serves as the Chair of the Budget Advisory Ad-Hoc of of the San Jose Neighborhoods Commission.


For more information or to schedule a session, Call Nichole today at (650) 646-2978
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